Doralus home

1441 13th Street Clermont Florida 34711

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  • wheelchair
  • long_term
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  • lounges
  • respite
  • dementia
  • convalescence

Our facility…

  • Fully furnished three-bedroom home with full amenities
  • Decorated private & semi-private elegantly furnished rooms
  • Laundry & linen service
  • Well balanced home-cooked meals and snacks
  • Special diet accommodations
  • Library and game room
  • Respite Care
  • Assistance with coordinating services such as medical appointments and behavioral health services
  • Video surveillance monitored facility
  • Various social and recreational activities such as park visits, exercise, bingo, movies, shopping, fishing, etc.
  • Private backyard
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV

Francine Samedy

➢ Nurse consultant: Francine Samedy has a master’s degree in public health and is a registered nurse. She has extensive history of over 15 years in providing medical care and quality assurance services. She assists with medication reviews, staffings, and admissions.

Yoline J. Doralus

➢ Co-founder/Administrator: Yolaine J. Doralus holds a master’s degree in counseling. She has a background in psychology and has worked with the elderly, disabled and mentally ill population for over ten years. She provides counseling services as well as coordinates care for the residents as necessary and oversees the day to day functions of the facility.

Jimmy Doralus

➢ Owner/Founder: Jimmy Doralus is a native of Haiti. He grew up in Southern Florida and has a passion for the elderly. Jimmy’s inspiration for Doralus Homecare originated from his mother Rose Marie. As a loving mother, grandmother and woman of God, Rosemarie spent numerous years of her life providing care for others. Jimmy recognized the difficulties his mother faced in caring for his grandmother and his father. As a result, he discussed the vision for Doralus Homecare with her. He wanted to provide a home environment that would alleviate stressors of caring for a loved one at home. Today, Jimmy runs the facility along with his wife, his mother also visits the facility regularly. His hope is that all residents will be cared for as family. Jimmy also holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology.

James Doralus

➢ Facility/grounds manager: James Doralus maintains the facility grounds and ensures facility standards are up to code. He has over twenty years’ experience in his field.

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